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Guangdong GoSun group was founded in 2004, with characteristics of health industry, positron drug, medical financial leasing is given priority to with international vision group company and a subsidiary of dongguan JHS Electrical Co., LTD., Anhui JHS Electrical Co., LTD. After years of booming development, Now GoSun group is a collection of form a complete set, research and development, production, sales in the integration of large household appliances and related products manufacturing enteral and provide the benchmarking, achieve in all areas from products and services to personalized and comprehensive strategic shift.


We always adhere to the "innovation, quality, service, save, dedication, gratitude" concept to absorb new ideas, strictly control the quality with the omni-directional service. And adhere to do high quality products, in line with "the pursuit of, staff, technology, spirit, interest" principle.


The achievement of guangdong GoSun group is inseparable from the three strategies pursued by the group , which are talent strategy, innovation strategy and brand strategy.


We are full of confidence in the future and believe that JHS will be a leading company in the development of air conditioning industry.

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